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Coffee Machine Rental Johor Bahru

A Great Cup of Coffee Can Make a Big Difference In The Workplace

Coffee works like magic. Having coffee available in the workplace can do wonders for employee morale and productivity. A pick-me-up can provide the boost needed to reignite inspiration and creativity when our brains feel stuck. In the pantry, coffee fosters a sense of community among colleagues, while in common areas involving visitors, it can leave a positive impression of the company.    
At Carffee, we offer convenient options, providing both rental and purchase choices. Our services include a wide range of premium coffee bean selections and professional recipes, catering to various tastes.
Whether you crave an espresso, americano, latte, cappuccino, or any other specialty drinks, our easy-to-use machines ensure you can enjoy barista-style specialty coffee in less than 30 seconds, all at a fraction of the cost compared to retail coffee chains
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Company Image
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Healthier Option
Easy & Convenient Operation
Easy & Convenient
Staff Benefits
We offer tailored rental plans designed for both small and large office and hospitality setups, complete with a coffee machine and freshly roasted coffee beans:

Coffee Starter Plan

Ideal for small offices just getting started with coffee services, or executives newly in love with coffee.
  • Recommended office size   5 - 12 pax
  • Monthly consumption   150 - 200 cups

Coffee Sharer Plan

Suitable for small to medium-sized offices or businesses with moderate coffee consumption.
  • Recommended office size   10 - 24 pax
  • Monthly consumption   250 - 350 cups

Coffee Essential Plan

Ideal for small offices just getting started with coffee services, or executives newly in love with coffee.
  • Recommended office size   > 25 pax
  • Monthly consumption   500 - 800 cups

Hospitality Plan

Ideal for environments coffee serves as a value-added service that enhances the customer experience and generates additional revenue. Our plans are popular in:
  • Hospital cafeterias or reception areas
  • Premium customer waiting lounges in automotive dealership or premium banks
  • Airport lounges
  • Business-class member centres

Benefits of Coffee Machine Rental Service

Bean to Cup

Bean to Cup

Enjoy a healthier option with freshly brewed coffee every day.
Flexible Rental Plans

Flexible Rental Plans

Choose from our range of rental plans - free or low monthly fee, tailored to your needs
Bean Sourcing

Bean Sourcing

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our rental plans, which include premium coffee bean supplies.
Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

Rest easy knowing that maintenance is well taken care of with our fast and free service.
Customisable Menu

Customisable Menu

Personalise your coffee experience with a customisable menu, offering a variety of beverages to suit your preferences.

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Unigra   Barry Callebaut   Gleneagles Hospital   TARO Mart   Allmark Hotel
Putuo Village   Dandelion   COBO   Sky Dezato   KYPJ   Palsgaard
MB World Group   Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang   HIdden Garden   Sunshine Coffee   Peladang   UMZ Bioline   Columbia Asia
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