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HRD Corp Approved Barista Course at Johor Bahru

Barista Course

Let's jump start your dream. Starting with an intensive four days(...that's 30 hours if you're wondering)Barista Level 1 course.
We will sufficiently feed you with an array of knowledge...from appreciation all the way to practices. Learning the steps and techniques of coffee making couldn't be more informative with the certified trainers that we have in hand.
Go a step further once you've cleared the first hurdle with our Barista Level 2 Course. An enhancement with a deeper substance, get ready to explore with a thorough approach on every subjects.
Professional Barista Level I
Course Detail: 
  • Coffee Belt & History
  • Blending & Single Origin
  • Type of Coffee Bean
  • Espresso Theory
  • Beverage Line-Up
  • Milk Theory
  • Milk Temperature Effect
  • Milk Frothing Theory
  • Plant to Cherries
  • Processing of Bean
  • Bean Structure
  • Sub-product of coffee tree
Professional Barista Level II
Course Detail: 
Espresso Machine Theory
  • Boiler Types
  • Espresso Machine's Internal Parts
Grinder Theory
  • Burr Type & Grinder Type
  • Total surface area
  • Tamper method
Advance Milk Frothing
  • Swan
  • Butterfly
  • Tulip
  • Feathers
  Importance of Extraction Changing Factors
  • Rectangular logic & water levels of coffee
Procedure of Hot & Cold Coffee Beverages
  • Creating of Signature Beverage
Roasting Theory
  • Profile Wheel Chart (SCAA cupping standard)
  • How to appreciate a good cup of coffee
Exam for Practical & Theoretical
Farm Trip
Hand Brew Introduction
Verified Certification
Basic Hand Brew Syphon Class
Course Detail: 
Introduction to handbrew equipment
  • Logic & basic ideas of the equipment
Proper Handle of equipment
Brewing Perimeter
  • Grind size
  • Brewing Method
Changes of different heading elements
Thinking for an add on
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Café Setup

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